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Extension Master Gardener Volunteers

How to Become an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer

How to Become an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer

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Each Extension Master Gardener Program is tailored to the needs of the county in which it is located. For more information, an application form, and a schedule of future training contact your local County Extension Agent.

Initial Volunteer Training

  • Minimum of 40 hours of instruction
  • Taught by Extension staff and local experts.
  • Topics include: soils and plant nutrients, composting, insects, Integrated Pest Management, lawns, food production, organic gardening, herbaceous, woody and native plants, wildlife, landscape design and more.

Visit the Extension Gardener Handbook online to see more.


  • 40-hour internship to learn even more about horticulture and the EMG program.
  • Rotate through a variety of volunteer opportunities with different aspects of the program.


Once the 40-hour internship has been completed the volunteer is eligible to become a Certified Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.


In order to remain active in the program, the volunteer must meet re-certification requirements annually. These vary by county with a minimum of:
  • 20 hours of volunteer service and
  • 10 hours of continuing education.

Extension Master Gardener volunteers:

  • represent NC State Extension.
  • promote the research-based recommendations of NC State Extension.
  • may only use title "Extension Master Gardener" when engaged in Extension-sponsored activities.

Under the guidance of County Extension Horticulture agents, Extension Master Gardener volunteers complete a rigorous training program, pass an examination and complete an internship. Once certified they continue to contribute volunteer services each year as well as continuing education through the local Cooperative Extension center.