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About Guilford Gardener and the EMGV Program

About Guilford Gardener and the EMGV Program

Guilford Gardener:
The Guilford Gardener is 6-week course that will cover everything from site evaluations, choosing the right plants, soils, to pest management. You must attend an Information Session in January or February to participate in the Guilford Gardener. Call the EXTENSION MASTER GARDENER office at (336) 641-2400 to sign up.

The Guilford Gardener courses will serve as your gateway into the EXTENSION MASTER GARDENER Volunteer (EMGV) program. Once you complete Guilford Gardener, you may continue onto the EMGV program. This 8-week course will cover everything from botany, diseases, insects, to landscape design.

The EMGV program was designed to expand North Carolina State University's ability to reach and assist the citizens of Guilford County. Then, receiving extensive training from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Agents are certified to provide non-biased, science based information. The EMGV program is designed to develop highly skilled volunteers.

EMGVs are encouraged to help plan and develop outreach activities and programs that help extend North Carolina State University's education mission more effectively for the residents of Guilford County.

The EMG program has continued to stimulate me to grow in my knowledge of gardening and plants and to be able to share what I know about gardening with others.
-- Tom Gale, Guilford County