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How to Become an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer in Guilford County

How to Become an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer in Guilford County

To become an Extension Master Gardener volunteer in Guilford County you must submit an application and be accepted into the training program. You can request an application on-line or by phone, 336-641-2400. Applications are accepted all year, but the formal acceptance process, which includes an interview, begins in the fall. Upon acceptance into the program you will be required to complete a 15-week classroom training program. Classes are taught every Wednesday morning beginning in January through the end of April.

Training provides an overview of major horticultural subjects in a classroom setting.

Some session topics are:

Plant Science
Soils for Plant Growth
Flower Gardening
Plant Diseases
Integrated Pest Management
Lawn Care
Growing Fruit Trees and Small Fruits
Vegetable Gardening
Woody Ornamentals

Volunteer Commitment

Extension Master Gardeners volunteers in Guilford County are required, after completion of the classroom training, to volunteer 50 hours the first year and 30 hours annually thereafter in horticulture outreach programs. Many Extension Master Gardener volunteers far surpass the mandatory service hours and continue to participate in the program yearly. EMGV efforts multiply the capabilities of Extension educators. Active volunteers are also asked to participate in continuing education of 10 hours per year.

The cost includes an Extension Master Gardener program textbook, name badge, EMGV tshirt, all classes and materials.

As a Master Gardener I have been able to get a much better yield from my raised bed garden by doing a much better job of selecting the correct plants for my own garden. I share the information and knowledge with my neighbors. As a retiree, I am much more active and been able to share what I have learned with the local school children. I was astonished to learn that most of our young children have no idea where our food comes from and thought vegetables actually come from the grocery store. I was able to help them with planting projects that they could take home and share with their families. The Master Gardener Program is a win-win for our entire community.
-- Carolyn W. Flowers, Guilford County