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Extension Master Gardener Volunteers


Gardening Hotline

North Carolina Extension Master Gardener Volunteers are trained to diagnose a wide range of garden problems including, garden pest identification and bug control, plant disease identification and plant care, plant identification, and regional gardening information. Scroll down for more information.

Gardening Hotline

We can help you with scientifically based research on: garden insect control for bugs in your garden, correct lawn and plant watering, how to winterize plants, how to improve your soil and how to choose which plants will work in your yard!

Extension Master Gardener Volunteers answer questions from folks who come to the Extension office, call in on the plant hotline, email, or approach a volunteer at one of the "Ask Me I'm an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer" booths at a variety of events throughout the year.

The more information you can provide the more complete the answer the EMG will be able to provide!

If you want help identifying a plant bring photographs, actual plant samples, or a clear description of the following:
  • The entire plant (height, location, description)
  • Individual leaf (shape, vein pattern, color, size)
  • Branch showing leaf attachment (alternate, opposite, . . .)
  • Flower (color, form, time of year)

If you want help identifying a bug, bring:
  • Several of the bugs,
  • Images of the top and bottom of the bug
  • A sample of the plant on which the bug was found

Below are links to information Extension Master Gardeners will need to make a diagnosis or to forward your question on to a specialist:
2 min Videos: Collecting a sample for disease diagnosis

How to submit a sample
Submission Form