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Extension Master Gardener Volunteers


The Roles of an EMG Volunteer

The Roles of an EMG Volunteer

Extension Master Gardener volunteers work in their communities to provide North Carolina gardeners with unbiased, research-based information from the NC State University on establishing and maintaining gardens, lawns, landscapes, and houseplants in ways that protect health and natural resources. They focus specifically on issues of importance in their local communities related to residential gardening and landscaping, including environmental stewardship, water conservation, water quality preservation, energy conservation, green waste reduction, home food production, wildlife management, sustainable communities, and health and wellness for children and adults.

Examples of Volunteer Activities?

The opportunities for volunteer services are limitless. Examples include:

  • Diagnose plant, insect, and disease problems.

  • Staff plant clinics and educational exhibits.

  • Design and mentor demonstration or community gardens.

  • Lecture on various gardening topics.

  • Bring the joy of gardening to senior citizens, young children, juvenile offenders or special needs groups.

  • Assist with horticulture related events (fairs, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Field days)

  • Provide leadership to Extension Master Gardener projects and events

  • Work in trial gardens at research stations.

  • Provide artistic support (Photography, Graphic Design)

  • Solicit funding and in-kind support for the program.

Opportunities vary based on available resources and needs of the community. If you want more information on becoming an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer visit How to Get Started and Find your Local Program to learn more about the EMG Program in your county.