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Lake Crabtree Demo Garden

Located near the RDU airport in Morrisville, the Lake Crabtree Demonstration Garden is a good example of plants for a WaterWise Garden

Lake Crabtree Demo Garden

In August 2000, the WaterWise Garden at Lake Crabtree opened, marking the first NC Cooperative Extension demonstration effort at a county park. The garden demonstrates how to reduce residential pollution by limiting water usage and showcases proper landscaping techniques, emphasizing easily implemented landscaping principles, such as appropriate plant selection and mulching.

The gardens were originally divided into eight themed sub-gardens:
1. Native Garden - designed by Jean Tracy to share the beauty of tried and true native vines, perennials, grasses and shrubs for full sun to part shade, underused in the landscape.

2. Tropical Garden - designed by Sharon Householder and Kathy Cornette demonstrates the use of tropicals hardy to zone 7 and using HOT color and textures to take the HOT that NC climate dishes out in full sun conditions.

3. Dry shade Garden - designed by Kathy Cornette, to demonstrate the importance of having a backbone of shrubs and planting the ìright plant in the right placeî. This garden weaves a mixture of evergreen conifers, deciduous shrubs and groundcovers with perennial accents into a garden tapestry of year-round interest for partly shady dry areas and sunny dry areas.

4. Butterfly garden - designed by Kim Chestnut, is a diner for our winged friends. Using vines perennials and shrubs, its flowersí nectar beckons a safe dining haven for the caterpillars, butterflies and beneficial insects of our region, as well as those just passing through.

5. Hot sunny garden - designed by Leslie Richardson. A garden of shrubs, grasses, perennials and herbs that can really take the heat, in raised well drained beds with little water needed once established.

6. Rain garden - this area is flooded by drainage from the parking lot when it rains heavily. The plants in this area must be able to survive both low water and very wet conditions.

7. Rock garden

8. Herb garden.