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Wake County


Master Gardener of the Year - 2012 was awarded to Dr. Marilyn Grolitzer, Wake County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.
The award was presented at the State EMG Convention in Ashville, NC.


Dr. Marilyn Grolitzer and her husband Dr. Bill Dupont at the Awards Ceremony

Dr. Marilyn Grolitzer, Extension Master Gardener of Wake County, was named one of the two state-wide winners of the Outstanding Volunteer Award at the NC State Master Gardener's Conference 2012. Grolitzer was recognized for her leadership of the Wake County Extension Master Gardener organization during the 2011 budget crisis.

Marilyn led the campaign to save the Wake County program since it did not have an horticulture extension agent in place, and the EMGV program would have been dropped. She led letter writing, phone call, and media campaigns to engage the public in clearly demonstrating the value of the program which donates over $200,000 in services for an investment of $22,000 by Wake County. The agent's position was restored.

Her work has become a blueprint for other counties facing similar budget challenges. The program has since taken unprecedented steps to continue and grow her initial effort to bring greater visibility to the value and benefit the Extension Master Gardener program brings to Wake County.

The Amazing World of Butterflies

Chatham County Extension Master Gardener volunteers introduced over 100 second graders to the life cycle of Painted Lady butterflies maturing in their classrooms.
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Connecting Children with Nature
Extension Master Gardeners in Edgecombe County lead a four-week workshop providing first and second graders in two elementary schools with a hands-on introduction to plants, gardening, and seasonal changes.

Cultivating Environmental Stewardship
Extension Master Gardener volunteers in Haywood County provide programs on water conservation; water quality preservation; and composting, with over 5,000 tons of leaf compost being redirected from the landfill to gardens; and 124 people developing earth friendly lawn and turf management skills.

Bob Kellam, Wake County

Bob, the 2012 President of the Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Association, sees the EMG program as an opportunity to practice the sustainable techniques he believes are key to the future. Even in a place as urban as Wake County, he says, Cooperative Extension and the Extension Master Gardener program are important and relevant to our past, our present and our future.
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4,000+ Extension Master Gardener volunteers help make N.C. a greener place

With spring on its way, Extension Master Gardener volunteers across the state are working in full gear, helping fellow gardeners - beginners and experts, young and old - enhance their landscapes, grow their own fruits and vegetables and learn about the science behind gardening.
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Pollinator Demonstration Gardens in Edgecombe County

Inspire and educate students and residents with the beauty of nature, the cycle of life, sustainable gardening practice, regionally viable plants and information.
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Bill Satterwhite - Tar Heel of the Week

Bluebirds and Bill Satterwhite
At 94 years old, Extension Master Gardener Emeritus Bill Satterwhite shares his love of Bluebirds with the News & Observer correspondent Marti Maguire.
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Amy Borsay, Onslow County Extension Master Gardener of the Year

Extension Master Gardener volunteer Onslow County
Amy Borsay, Extension Master Gardener volunteer of the Year, Onslow County improves the quality of answers provided at the gardening help desk.
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Ready-Garden-Grow: An Introduction to Vegetable Gardening -- an education package and class materials packed full of in-depth, research-based resources to help.
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Learning to Grow Food

Heirloom squash, cucumbers and tomato plants flourish
Thousands of pounds of fresh produce have been distributed to low-income, elderly and disabled individuals, as well as other families in the community
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Moore County Demonstration Garden

Demo garden to educate visitors about native, water wise plants
Over four hundred plants featuring forty-six native, water wise plants were planted, based on the latest trends in conscientious gardening.
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Add herbs, flowers, vegetables, berries & fruit to Landscape
Brunswick County Master Gardener volunteers created and maintain an edible landscape demonstration garden
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Beautiful, Edible High school Garden

Students in two life skills class grow food and flowers in raised beds
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Hands-on activities to preserve and prepare foods and beverages
Participants learn to grow, maintain, harvest, dry, and store home-grown herbs!
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Food, Beauty and Healing
Master Gardeners, on a bi-weekly garden day, show up with buckets, rakes, hoes, and clippers in hand to manage a healing garden for veterans.
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Cleveland County Demonstration Garden

Low Cost, Low Maintenance, and Easily Replicable
The demonstration garden includes plants that attract butterflies, a Japanese-style area with a dry creek bed numerous locally available shrubs and trees. The simple design also incorporates antique farm and garden implements.
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