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Wake County

Community Garden

Community Garden

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I want to thank all the lovely Extension Master Gardener Volunteers and especially Cris Clemmons who is involved in organizing the volunteers and helping plan the vegetable gardens at the Healing Place of Wake County! Our family has a loved one that is proof positive that their program has incredible results in helping an addict move from a place of profound addiction to grateful recovery and restoration. I've hugged the smiling faces of men who transition from homelessness to health to restored family, careers, and self-esteem. Being able to nourish one's body with healthy home-grown whole food not only helps repair physical damage to their bodies sustained during their addiction, it gives them new skills, an opportunity to work with their hands on the land, and you can always taste the love that comes from food that grows very close to the table. And the beauty and serenity that comes as these mean heal their bodies and souls just walking by the beautiful, functional, and peaceful garden is priceless. I know this garden is a key component in their healing. Thank you very much Cris and all the kind volunteers who recognize the value of restoring a human soul.
-- Liz