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Extension Master Gardener Volunteers

Wake County

Quotes of Appreciation

It's hard to imagine a more enthusiastic group that not only has a strong desire to learn, but also a strong desire to share what they have learned with others.
-- Tony Avent, Owner Plant Delights Nursery, Raleigh

Extension Master Gardener volunteers play a critical role in county government and have made a huge difference in how people view open space and protecting the environment.
-- Betty Lou Ward Wake County Commissioner and Past President, National Association of Counties

Extension Master Gardener Volunteers are well trained and respected educators promoting safer and more sustainable gardening practices.
-- Pam Beck Garden Writer and Author

North Carolina Extension Master Gardener Volunteers provide unbiased, research based information and programs regarding environmental stewardship of gardens lawns and landscapes.

The North Carolina Extension Master Gardener program began in New Hanover County in 1979. The train-the-trainer program cultivates volunteers through hands-on experience in horticulture, leadership, public speaking, community development, and teaching.

Under the guidance of County Extension Horticulture agents, Extension Master Gardener volunteers complete a rigorous training program, pass an examination and complete an internship. Once certified they continue to contribute volunteer services each year as well as continuing education through the local Cooperative Extension center.

By answering questions, teaching classes, constructing demonstration gardens, guiding tours, talking with community groups and other educational activities, Extension Master Gardener volunteers teach people to garden successfully while making environmentally responsible decisions in their landscape conserving water, protecting water quality and reducing green waste.

Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Healthy Communities

Each Year, North Carolina Extension Master Gardener Volunteers: Log over 200,000 volunteer hours, at a value of $4.2 million, and the equivalent of 100 full time employees

Each Year, North Carolina Master Gardener Volunteers: Provide more than 1,500 educational exhibits reaching a half-million people.

Each Year, North Carolina Master Gardener Volunteers: Deliver nearly 2,000 programs to groups across the state including 500 school programs.

Each Year, North Carolina Extension Master Gardener Volunteers: Make more 1.3 million educational contacts.

In North Carolina, there are more than 4,000 Extension Master Gardener volunteers.

Under the guidance of our County Extension Horticulture agent, Extension Master Gardener volunteers complete a rigorous training program, pass an examination and complete a 40 hour internship. Once certified we still contribute 40 hours minimum per year, and attend at least four monthly meetings where we have excellent speakers who provide continuing education.
-- Carole Johnson

I want to thank all the lovely Extension Master Gardener Volunteers and especially Cris Clemmons who is involved in organizing the volunteers and helping plan the vegetable gardens at the Healing Place of Wake County! Our family has a loved one that is proof positive that their program has incredible results in helping an addict move from a place of profound addiction to grateful recovery and restoration. I've hugged the smiling faces of men who transition from homelessness to health to restored family, careers, and self-esteem. Being able to nourish one's body with healthy home-grown whole food not only helps repair physical damage to their bodies sustained during their addiction, it gives them new skills, an opportunity to work with their hands on the land, and you can always taste the love that comes from food that grows very close to the table. And the beauty and serenity that comes as these mean heal their bodies and souls just walking by the beautiful, functional, and peaceful garden is priceless. I know this garden is a key component in their healing. Thank you very much Cris and all the kind volunteers who recognize the value of restoring a human soul.
-- Liz